FOUR Somali pupils from Saretho Primary school, whose identities have not been revealed, were killed by Al Shabaab militia in a dawn attack in Saretho village in Abakeile Location in Dadaab, Garissa County. The young pupils had taken refuge at the nearby Saretho police post when the attacks begun and were being guarded by the police when the militants fired at them, killing them instantly and wounding two of their school mates. The militants also partially damaged a communication mast before they were repulsed by Police from Saretho Police. Two militants were killed and an assortment of arms and IED making materials recovered while others escaped with injuries.

It is reported that the Al-Shabaab criminals creating havoc in Fafi and Hulugho areas of Garissa County are led by one Maulid Bilal, a Kenyan Ogaden from Abdalla Abdi Karim sub-clan, Hulugho Sub-County in Garissa County. Bilal was formerly a Madrassa teacher at Tumtish and Garabey where he is reported to have recruited some of his students and Ogaden clansmen into the Al Shabaab terror group.

Garissa residents have withstood the barbaric attacks from terrorist militia and their sympathizers who have previously attempted to paralyze the area’s economy by sporadically targeting schools, masts, health facilities and other critical infrastructure.

Police have said that they are in hot pursuit of the wounded militants and their collaborators and have urged for assistance in netting them. The security agencies are also reportedly closing in on a suspected Al-Shabaab leader within Dadaab who is said to be coordinating most of the Al-Shabaab attacks in the region.

While the Al-Shabaab has often claimed that it is fighting on behalf of Muslims, an analysis of its activities shows that most of the victims of its attacks have been Muslims living within Somalia and Kenya’s North Eastern region, who have suffered loss of lives, property and livelihoods.

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